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Armanet, François

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1.  Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 24/01/2008

For Daniel Bensaïd, globalisation has deeply perturbed political action

In an interview conducted by François Armanet, the philosopher Daniel Bensaïd explains how globalisation is transforming political action. "We are seeing a brutal modification of ... » more

2.  Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 10/01/2008

Henning Mankell refutes the 'myth of the Swedish model'

Interviewed by Gilles Anquetil and François Armanet, the Swedish writer Henning Mankell questions the particularly positive image his country benefits from. "This paradise is a ... » more

3.  Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 15/11/2007

Paul Auster on the art of elusion

Gilles Anquetil and François Armanet met up with the American writer Paul Auster. For him, narration should not be encumbered by detailed descriptions. "Fairytales enthral ... » more

4.  Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 24/05/2007

Zygmunt Bauman analyses the obsession with security

In an interview conducted by Gilles Anquetil and François Armanet, the Anglo-Polish sociologist Zygmut Bauman considers that the current obsession with security is linked to ... » more

5.  Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 25/04/2007

For Andrzej Stasiuk, communism is a part of European history

In an interview given to Gilles Anquetil and François Armanet, the Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk refuses to "separate Europe from the 'Europeanism' of communism. After ... » more

6.  Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 22/03/2007

Jacques Attali defends free access to culture

In an interview conducted by Gilles Anquetil and François Armanet, the French essayist Jacques Attali considers that free access to culture, possible thanks to the ... » more


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