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Argullol, Rafael

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El País - Spain | 16/03/2006

Rafael Argullol and the imaginary prisons

The Spanish writer and philosopher Rafael Argullol denounces Europe's passivity in the secret CIA prison affair. "Illustrious Europe ... loses its ability to persuade in the world's eyes when it accepts underhanded logic. This is what happened with the totalitarian regimes of the last century and with the horrors of the colonial wars, Algeria being emblematic. In all of these cases, we saw the creation of secret prison universes that ended up imprisoning Europeans' own conscience. This danger is back: if we do not put an end to this knowing hypocrisy, to explain what really happened and what may still be happeneing, we will have no moral authority in the fight against terroristic nihilism. We will all end up in 'non-existent prisons': both the accused and those who did nothing to defend the rights of the accused."

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