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Aredia, Ketty

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La Stampa - Italy | 04/08/2007

Goran Brejovic and gypsies' thirst for freedom

In an interview with Ketty Aredia, the composer Goran Bregovic, who has just given several concerts in Italy with his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra, discusses one of his works, 'Karmen with a Happy Ending'. "There is a tendency to consider gypsies as humanity's dustbin. I tried to save the gypsy soul and its taste for freedom by giving it a happy ending. ... My Karmen, as opposed to Bizet's, ends with a big marriage, because life is too heavy a suitcase to be carried single-handed. ... I want my work to be really popular and open. And with this in mind I intend to post my musical scores on my website, so that all orchestras can use them if they wish."

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