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Applebaum, Anne

Washington Post and Slate, USA

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1.  Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 03/06/2014

Anne Appelbaum on how Europe is gambling away what Ukraine longs for

The success of right-wing populist and far-right parties in the European elections must come as a slap in the face to many Ukrainians, US historian ... » more

2.  The Washington Post - U.S. | 25/09/2013

Global perspectives: Merkel conspicuously inconspicuous

Angela Merkel owes her success in the German parliamentary elections to her unexciting leadership style, the liberal daily The Washington Post comments: "Her very dullness, ... » more

3.  To Vima Online - Greece | 10/06/2009

European elections: No revolution at the polls

American journalist Anne Applebaum comments on the results of the European elections: "We've been waiting and waiting, but the widely predicted European backlash - against ... » more

4.  Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 12/06/2008

German newspaper suspected of racism

For Anne Applebaum, a columnist for the Washington Post living in Poland, the reaction of the German left-wing daily die tageszeitung to Barack Obama's victory ... » more

5.  Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 12/04/2007

Kiev pauses for breath

While in Ukraine's capital 10,000 supporters of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich have gathered to protest against President Viktor Yushchenko's dissolution of the parliament, former Polish ... » more

6.  Die Welt - Germany | 10/10/2006

Anna Politkovskaya's murder: how should the West react to Russia?

The newspaper reprints an article written by Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum on the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. "Local businessmen had no motivation to kill ... » more


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