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Anzani, Giuseppe

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Avvenire - Italy | 20/02/2013

Ruling detrimental to children

The judges in Strasbourg have ruled that the discrimination against the Austrian plaintiff vis-à-vis unmarried heterosexual couples, who are entitled to adopt stepchildren, was based on her sexual orientation. This is not about discrimination, the Catholic daily Avvenire counters: "The European Court of Human Rights reprimanded Austria for treating partners who have been declared fit for adoption differently, allegedly on the basis of their sexual orientation, which violates the ban on discrimination. … But by its very nature adoption is intended to replace the natural parents. In the Austrian case there is no missing parent, but rather a woman who complains that she is not being allowed to do what a man is allowed to do by law, namely be a father. This is based not on discrimination but rather a simple difference: namely the difference between a man and a woman. Sexual preferences are of no consequence here. The differences form the basis of an appropriate administration of justice as regards protecting the rights of the child. … The German ruling, even if it does not confer adoption rights on same-sex couples, serves as a warning that we must be on our guard in the face of a new [European] course."

Toscana Oggi - Italy | 03/02/2006

Legalisation of the right to self-defence

Giuseppe Anzani considers the law on self-defence recently adopted by the Italian parliament. "To defend oneself is a natural act, everyone knows that. It is an impulse arising from the survival instinct that all animals possess when faced with a danger. But for man, reason follows instinct. A proportionate defense is legitimate, overreaction is not. For several days now, it has been permissible under law to shoot someone who has entered one's house, shop, or office in order to rob, without having to first ask oneself whether the response is proportionate, nor make a distinction between an intruder who has come with the intent of assault and one who has come to rob. ... This risks making many people feel like keeping a pistol in their drawer."

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