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Anvelt, Kärt

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Postimees - Estonia | 10/02/2006

The XXth Winter Olympics

There are so many home-grown scandals in Estonia at the moment that the Winter Olympics in Turin come as a pleasant diversion for Kärt Anvelt. "Of course, that's mainly because I like winter sports, and cheering on the athletes and rooting for them gets my adrenalin going... They say that bread and games keep the people happy. There's more than enough circus right here in Estonia at present, but there's no hope that it'll keep us happy. Like most people, all I expect from the Olympic Games is a bit of diversion from the usual entertainment."

Postimees - Estonia | 20/01/2006


A few years ago, Sweden tightened its prostitution laws. Finland recently followed its example. Now Estonia is contemplating criminalising the purchase of sexual services. Kärt Anvelt asks: "Does Estonia really have to pass such a law just because the Finnish and Swedish parliaments have done so? Prostitution has always existed and will continue to exist as long as there are prostitutes and clients for their services. The lawmakers' desire to criminalise the purchase of sex will no doubt make the business of prostitution harder, but it won't make it disappear. On the contrary, it will plunge it deeper into the depths of illegality. Sweden was able to allow itself the luxury of criminalising prostitution because it has enough money to rehabilitate prostitutes and offer them a new future. This doesn't apply in Estonia at present."

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