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Ansermoz, Claude

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24 heures - Switzerland | 18/08/2007

Should bullfighting be banned?

Claude Ansermoz is virulently critical of anti-bullfighting activists. "It appears that pretty much anything goes when it comes to denouncing these 'despicable' arena games. On their websites, anti-bullfighting militants use photos and commentaries to compare matadors to Al-Qaeda terrorists decapitating their hostages after torturing them. ... Everyone has a right to hate bullfighting and denounce some of its abuse. The suffering of an animal can be scientifically and legitimately weighed against the maintaining of folklore that attracts millions of passionate and curious spectators. But the debate around the possible elimination of this ancestral tradition deserves better than the excesses of a few fanatics."

24 heures - Switzerland | 20/07/2007

Jailing minors doesn't resolve anything

"In almost every European country, we see a growth in youth violence", notes Claude Ansermoz, who discusses possible ways to counter this phenomenon. "Nearly 3,300 British minors are in detention today. Four of five will commit another crime after they are released. These two numbers are the highest in Europe. This hasn't discouraged the French, who have introduced juvenile detention centres for minors over 13. If we know the consequences, are we actually interested in the causes ? It's what the European Parliament recently proposed: a continental strategy of prevention, judicial and extra-judicial measures, and social rehabilitation. By systematically jailing minors without taking into account their particular situation, and despite the urgent pleas of judges, educators, researchers and supervisors, we aren't resolving anything."

24 heures - Switzerland | 02/05/2007

A much awaited face-to-face in France

This Wednesday, May 2nd, a televised debate will oppose Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal, the two candidates competing in the second round of the French presidential elections. Claude Ansermoz stresses the importance of this traditional confrontation. "The borders between left and right have never been so hazy. The leader of the UMP [Sarkozy] quotes Jaurès [founder of the French socialist party] and Luther-King while the socialist candidate is looking so much to the centre-right that she is holding a 'dialogue' with its stumped candidate [François Bayrou], between the two rounds ... . Thirty-three years after the first debate, politics is once again enthralling the French. In 2002 they were deprived of a television debate when Chirac refused to maintain the tradition with Le Pen. Twice the number of viewers who watched the Chirac-Jospin face-to-face in 1995 are expected this evening. People will be hoping for little give-away slips and big discrediting approximations from Sarkozy and from Royal."

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