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Annunziata, Lucia

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1.  Huffington Post Italia - Italy | 07/03/2014

Matteo Renzi's peculiar transformation

Italy's new head of government Matteo Renzi has reached a compromise for an electoral law reform with Berlusconi's party, Forza Italia. However the new electoral ... » more

2.  Huffington Post Italia - Italy | 30/08/2013

Berlusconi's rehabilitation already underway

With its decision to abolish the property tax, the Italian government has implemented one of Silvio Berlusconi's key election promises, curses Lucia Annunziata in the ... » more

3.  La Stampa - Italy | 01/11/2011

Palestinian strategy trumps US

Unesco is rewarding moderate Palestinians for their efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the Middle East conflict, and neither the US nor Israel should ... » more

4.  La Stampa - Italy | 19/08/2011

Fight against a political vacuum

With its calls for the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad the West is showing more decisiveness in the region again, writes the liberal daily ... » more

5.  La Stampa - Italy | 20/05/2011

Problems outweigh US solutions

Barack Obama's sober words on US Middle East policy will hardly go down in the annals of history but they do correspond to reality, writes ... » more

6.  La Stampa - Italy | 06/05/2010

The Third Way draws to an end in the UK

The UK goes to the ballot for its general election today, Thursday. According to the latest prognoses the Labour Party will be the big loser. ... » more

7.  La Stampa - Italy | 03/12/2009

The West must make its presence felt

The US and Europe can't afford to turn their backs on the war in Afghanistan, writes the liberal daily La Stampa commenting on the hesitant ... » more

8.  La Stampa - Italy | 28/01/2009

Lucia Annunziata on the symbolic dimension of rape

Lucia Annunziata describes in the liberal daily La Stampa the symbolic significance that rape can take on at a political level when it is committed ... » more

9.  La Stampa - Italy | 08/01/2008

How to resolve the waste disposal crisis in Naples ?

The Romano Prodi government is due to announce radical measures to resolve the rubbish crisis in Naples and its outskirts this Tuesday, January 8th. The ... » more

10.  La Stampa - Italy | 19/11/2007

Prodi and Berlusconi back in action

Lucia Annunziata looks back on the past few days of political events in Italy. "Let's say that it is possible to dream. The idea is ... » more


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