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Angelov, Georgi

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1.  Standart - Bulgaria | 17/07/2015

Bulgaria has no money left for Athens

The European Union can't expect Bulgaria to contribute in any way to a bailout package for Greece, the daily newspaper Standart comments: "Bulgaria's position was ... » more

2.  Trud - Bulgaria | 24/02/2015

Bulgaria pushing Roma into arms of terrorists

The failed integration of the Bulgarian Roma may make them more susceptible to the ideology of Islamist terrorists, the daily Trud fears: "The Roma minority ... » more

3.  24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 16/06/2014

Standard & Poor's hurts Bulgaria's economy

Rating agency Standard & Poor's has lowered Bulgaria's credit rating by a notch from "BBB" to "BBB-". Without considerable reforms economic growth in the country ... » more

4.  Trud - Bulgaria | 11/06/2013

More pensioners won't help unemployed young

In the fight against youth unemployment in Bulgaria, which lies just below 29 percent, Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski wants to revoke the plan to raise ... » more

5.  Sega - Bulgaria | 25/07/2011

Bulgaria must further improve credit rating

The rating agency Moody's has upgraded Bulgaria's credit rating by one notch for the first time in five years, raising it from Baa3 to Baa2. ... » more

6.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 28/03/2011

Euro pact hurts poor countries

To prevent further debt crises in euro countries, the heads of state and government of the Eurozone agreed last Thursday on a stability pact for ... » more

7.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 11/07/2007

Ireland as a model for Bulgarian economic reforms ?

In the 1980s Ireland was still a relatively poor and economically weak country. To remedy this situation a social pact was introduced, which foresaw a ... » more


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