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Aguilar, Miguel Ángel

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El País - Spain | 06/01/2009

A waste of time for the EU

People leave their mark when they head certain institutions, the daily El País writes: "This is also the case with the European Union, where the presidency of certain countries has had a revitalising effect and thus opened up the possibility for the Union to take on a key role in international politics and contribute to relevant initiatives in the present economic crisis. But since assuming his responsibilities our Czech [President Václav Klaus] appears to have adopted the opposite position. He represents a painful waste of time in a semester that has begun with grave problems like the war of the Israelis in the Gaza Strip, the catastrophes in Iraq and Afghanistan, the frauds on Wall Street and the vulnerability of energy supplies."

Cinco Días - Spain | 13/07/2007

The Euro keeps on climbing

"The euro is the European project's biggest success of the last decade", writes Miguel Ángel Aguilar. "Today, the euro has attained a record exchange with the dollar, it has been adopted for all sorts of international transactions, and the list of countries who want to replace the dollar with the euro is growing. Nothing is left of the arguments of those who opposed the common currency. ... Little by little, the euro has attained parity with the dollar, and has continued to progress, with some natural variations, right up to the current level of $1.37, which marks a new record. But even this evolution, which contradicts all the previous dark predictions, doesn't discourage those who forebode dark times ahead, who see nothing but the disadvantages of the appreciation of the European currency."

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