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Aneva, Nadelina

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Sega - Bulgaria | 15/11/2011

Politicians make false promises of EU money

Since it joined the EU in 2007 Bulgaria has called up only 14.8 percent of the EU funds to which it is entitled. This means the country has paid around 715 million euros more into the EU than it has received in the form of subsidies. Yet year after year Bulgaria's politicians still manage to win elections on the basis of lies about the blessing of EU money, the daily Sega complains: "If all the election pledges regarding EU funding were to be fulfilled we could equip the entire globe with new motorways, water pipes and sewage systems. ... Some politicians went so far as to promise a reduction in local taxes as soon as the money from the EU started flowing. ... This virtual EU money won the government real votes in the last local elections, too. But if the trust of the citizens isn't rewarded soon in the form of jobs and support for small and medium-sized businesses they will lose all hope that the EU can provide them with a better life."

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