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Andrieu, Olivier

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L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 14/06/2006

Has Google killed the Internet?

Olivier Andrieu, the French founder of Abondance, an information search and reference website, is interviewed by correspondent David Spring. He explains why Google's decline is conceivable. "I remember that five years back Altavista's fall seemed out of the question. Yet just a few months later the company had vanished! The market has not really stabilised. Google is standing on clay feet. Of course, its founders are aware of this: that is why they are seeking to broaden their range of economic models. ... Searching is Google's fundamental mission. Yet today we find the company doing everything. ... The company's image is deteriorating. Its founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, had an ideal vision that is now coming up against reality, notably because Google has entered the stock market."

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