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Andreani, Jean-Louis

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Le Monde - France | 12/09/2007

Jean-Louis Andreani on the changing status of animals

"Whether we like it or not, the status of animals has changed with urban civilisation", considers the journalist Jean-Louis Andreani, who notes that bullfighting supporters are having more and more difficulty getting themselves heard. "Animals have evolved from hunting game and work instruments to subjects entitled to protection. In our increasingly tough and violent societies, some even see in the wild animal, albeit a brutal predator, the last refuge of innocence that we cannot allow to be massacred. This evolution is inevitably changing how bullfighting is seen. The reasoning of its supporters seems a bit out of synch with the new sensitivity in public opinion. Up until 1920, dozens of horses were slaughtered in arenas during the bullfighting season without causing any emotion. Then this practice appeared unbearable and the horses were protected. Today attention is being drawn to the 'combative' animal."

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