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Anderson, Benedict

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 06/08/2007

Benedict Anderson on diaspora nationalism

Political scientist Benedict Anderson, interviewed by Isolde Charim, talks about the global phenomenon of diasporas. Anderson points out that with it, a new form of nationalism is emerging: "Today we have the long-distance nationalism of those who live in other countries and don't feel they are members of a fully accepted minority in their host nations. They often try to compensate with an exaggerated sense of pride for the country they come from. Mass communication has made this much easier than it once was. People can listen to the radio stations of their home countries, watch DVDs, make telephone calls home, use cheap flights to visit regularly and so on... These people often want to participate in the politics of their countries of origin but don't have to obey the laws or pay the taxes. In a way they're free agents. People who engage in long-distance politics don't have to assume responsibility for its consequences."

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