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Ambrós, Isidre

Isidre Ambrós is correspondent of La Vanguardia in Germany.

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1.  Article | 07/03/2008

The Concerns of Spaniards

Spain is a country where one of the favourite hobbies of the people is to impress. To impress means to show your neighbour, friend, family, that you are more than he/she is, that you have more than he/she has. This is what could be called the national sport. » more

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 13/11/2007

A neck-and-neck race in Denmark

Isidre Ambrós analyses the role of the New Alliance party founded last May by Naser Khader. "A year and a half after the crisis triggered by the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, which opposed Denmark and the Muslim world, who would have thought that five and a half million Danes will now have to decide upon the future of a Syrian-born Danish man who has become the government's main guarantee in his country ? ... According to polls, he will obtain between 5 and 9 seats and will thus be able to have his own parliamentary group. This figure will allow him to achieve his aim of becoming indispensable for the stability of Danish politics, by replacing the far-right Danish People's Party (DF). For, without actually being part of the government, the DF decisively influences its action. The best demonstration of this is the very harsh immigration policy practised in this country."

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