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Amaral, Luciano

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Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 15/03/2007

Luiano Amaral does not want a federal Europe

The Portuguese academic Luciano Amaral sees the project of creating a common European History book as an unfortunate expression of the notion of federalism. "This book reflects the tension on the continent between the maintaining of political units [nations] which have so struggled to emerge and the idea according to which they should fit into a single large European entity. But this idea, which has a growing number of followers and which is notably expressed by the European Constitution, utterly contradicts the reasons behind the success of European integration. ... European federalism takes us back to the worst reasons for the most violent European conflicts. On the other hand, the European Union that exists - decentralised, subtle and diverse - is a great political and economic success, synonymous with peace and prosperity. The federal idea is the opposite of this... . What is the point in spoiling what works well as it is?"

Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 09/02/2006

The decline of Western values

"Christians in the West are forced to put up with incredible insults every day: Christ depicted as a homosexual, Mary as a prostitute, etc. And if they show the slightest indignation, they are subjected to a hailstorm of criticism from those who invoke the sacrosanct principle of free speech," writes Luciano Amaral, a professor at the New University of Lisbon. "And all it takes is for a Danish newspaper to publish a few mediocre cartoons of Muhammad and you have half the intellectuals in the Western world discovering the religious sensitivity of Islam, doing penance, excusing the acts of violence by Muslims and reminding us how important it is to try to understand them, they who are taking a direct hit from the West's arrogance. ... The hatred that certain Western intellectuals harbour towards their own culture is one of the most fascinating phenomena of the contemporary world. If a civilisation is no longer even capable of arousing the instincts necessary for its own survival, perhaps it no longer deserves to live."

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