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Amalric, Jacques

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Libération - France | 11/05/2006


Columnist Jacques Amalric argues that the new Polish coalition is a consequence of the country's "political regression". "Beyond all the politicking, everything is in fact transpiring as if a cultural war were underway, to the detriment of the country's economic development and the 20% who are out of work. On the one hand, there is a whole segment of the population that aspires to be part of the modern world and believes in the European adventure, even if it got its fingers burnt by the incompetence and corruption of the previous teams, composed for the most part of ex-Communists who converted overnight into opportunists and well-off social-democrats. On the other hand, we see a rural Poland, often elderly, disillusioned, jobless, manipulated by xenophobic populists and anti-European ultranationalists, all of them spurred on by a part of the Catholic church that strives to reclaim its title as guardian of the nation."

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