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Alvarez, Gilles

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Libération - France | 12/04/2006

Growing commitment from multimedia creators

The seventh Nemo Festival devoted to 'new experimental images' is taking place in various cultural centres throughout the Paris region. Gilles Alvarez, the event's organiser, talks about the evolution of multimedia art in an interview with the journalist Bruno Masi. "The most remarkable evolution over the past two years has not been in form. The boom in image-creation and 3D software has allowed the wider public to get involved. It is no longer a matter of special-effects one-upmanship. Many creators today prefer to affirm a political viewpoint, an occasionally dark view of the world, rather than succumb to the technological illusion. Multimedia has something to say. Before, it had something to show. The mix of real images and virtual sequences is also a significant innovation."  

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