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Altosaar, Aimar

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Delfi - Estonia | 08/05/2009

Call a Russian a Russian

The news portal Delfi takes a dim view of the excessive political correctness in Estonia with regard to people of Russian origin: "When we see half-drunk people wandering around the harbour talking Finnish with each other, we say: 'Look, the Finns!' If people start talking loudly in Swedish at a restaurant, we say the Swedes could really talk a bit more quietly. And when people try to sell us flower bulbs from a Lada with a Latvian licence plate by uttering a few words in Russian, then we're clearly dealing with Latvians. But when there are riots in the inner city and the hooligans are shouting away in Russian, the police chief announces a clash between 'Russian-speaking citizens'. What an excess of correctness. ... Russians are not about to be insulted when you call them just that, no more than it's the paragon of nationalism to call an Estonian and Estonian."

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