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Alton, Peder

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Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 04/01/2006

Brassai exhibition in Copenhagen

Copenhagen's Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is presenting Georges Brassai, who was born in Hungary and moved to Paris in the early twenties, as a photographer of the night. "The work feels more linked to its time than I had expected", writes Peder Alton. "No self-respecting artist - or photographer - still looks at the female body as a sublime image of beauty, no one wanders through the cafes for images of sin and darkness, no one combines the modern with the Parisian boulevard. What was going in Brassai's mind? Was he critical of the widespread trade in women or was he a male romantic absorbed in a world of dreams? None of the pictures gives any clues. They register only - cool, seductive and brutally naked."

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