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Aloïse, Salvatore

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Le Monde - France | 10/08/2006

Managing migrant flows

On Friday August 4th the Italian government approved a bill to make it easier to obtain Italian nationality - a move that could concern Italy's 1.5 million foreigners. Minister for solidarity, Paolo Ferrero, explains his government's initiative in an interview with Salvatore Aloise. "We have received 520,000 applications to hire immigrant workers from companies and families who pledged to provide them with work and food. We've extended that right to all foreigners. Particularly as most of them are already in Italy and to say 'no' to them would mean forcing them to stay illegal ... The measures we advocate are only a first step. The second is a policy of social inclusion that would bring together all origins, cultures, and religions. That is a challenge for Europe today. Thinking you can check immigration is unreal."

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