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Almodóvar, Pedro

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Télérama - France | 19/05/2006

Pedro Almodovar's women

The Spanish director Pedro Almodovar presents his new film, 'Volver', at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, May 19. In an interview with Frederic Strauss, he explains that the women he directs are not necessarily Spaniards. "What I create are monsters! Frankenstein creatures composed of all sorts of things: what I see in the street, what I read in newspapers and novels, things I've heard from my mates, both female and male ... These are fictional characters, but none of them arise out of nothing. They express a sense of humour and freedom proper to the women of modern-day Spain. But I am not seeking to describe life and manners in my films. My work is more akin to what in Spanish literature is called 'esperpento', a way of viewing reality through a stylised and exaggerated prism."

El País - Spain | 17/03/2006

The doleful side of reality TV

The Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, interviewed by Ángel S. Harguindey on the day his new film 'Volver' opens in Spain, shares his feelings about reality TV shows. "There is no longer anything exceptional about this type of program, it has become a TV genre which, in turn, has spawned sub-genres (the shouting-match confrontation is one of the most popular). Although it is called 'reality-TV', it is in fact completely devoid of reality. ... Reality appears nowhere; it is rather a matter of things happening in a bubble removed from time and space. There is a time when these programs would have made me laugh a great deal (I've always been interested in pop culture). I would have been able to find material for lots of parodies. But I am unable to find them humorous. It's sad."

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