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Allouche, Jean-Luc

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Libération - France | 07/03/2006

An invitation for a dialogue between Jews and Muslims

Jean-Luc Allouche hails the publication of "Avons-nous assez divagué... Lettre à mes amis musulmans", an open letter to his Muslim friends by the journalist and writer Victor Malka, a specialist in Judaism. "At once madly in love with, yet not complacent about, his Judaism, Malka explains to his friends' children the beliefs, customs, fears and hopes of his faith, which are so similar, in their essence, to those of Muslims. ... When French society, between alarm and death throes, no longer knows where it stands; when its members are at each other's throats and, when need be, bump each other off or, at least, insult one another; when, in particular, 'communitarianism' wreaks havoc and leaves France panic-stricken before these shoots of its former colonies; when, alas, Jews and Arabs or, even better, 'Feujs' and 'Beurs' [French slang for Jews and Arabs] finally face one another, ready for a fight or, at best, resigned to turn their backs on one another, that is when such a voice is needed."

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