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Allix, Grégoire

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Le Monde - France | 23/10/2007

The Parisian suburbs feature original architecture

"Are suburbs a playground for contemporary architects?" wonders Gregoire Allix. "The Maison de l'Architecture in Paris gives that impression. Its exhibition 'Dehors Paris [Outside Paris] displays a hundred models of buildings that have been built, are being built, or are to be built in the seven counties that surround the capital. Some old faces (Niemeyer, Aillaud, Willerval) are to be seen among a number of very recent projects, be they small houses or big, often spectacular constructions, signed by young rising agencies. 'We want to show that there is a revival of inventiveness in architecture after two decades of moroseness', explains David Trottin, one of the exhibition organisers.' There is an opportunity for audacious, non-formatted architecture in the suburbs. This is the type of project we have selected, with utter subjectively.'"

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