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Allemand, Andrés

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La Tribune de Genève - Switzerland | 17/06/2009

Mullahs want better living standards

The daily La Tribune de Genève examines the reasons for the uprising against the Iranian regime: "At first glance the picture seems clear. The mullahs' regime is being destabilised by a national uprising. But it won't be long before it regains the upper hand through arrests and - if necessary, open violence. However on closer examination you see that the situation is much more complex. Although the protests are aimed at President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the religious leader [Sayyid Ali] Khamenei, the people demonstrating are not necessarily those one would expect. The presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi was once prime minister in the times of the Ayatollah Khomeini. … All the evidence points to a fight within the regime between the ultra-conservatives … and the pragmatists. … Undoubtedly Ahmadinejad's aggressiveness is to blame for this - that and his disastrous economic performance. Even the mullahs want better living standards."

La Tribune de Genève - Switzerland | 01/04/2008

A judicial coup in Turkey ?

On March 31st, the Turkish constitutional court accepted to hear the case seeking to ban the ruling AKP (justice and development) party, which stands accused of threatening democracy and attempting to build an Islamic state. "The secularists have taken the crown in the art of making themselves unpopular. And in shooting themselves in the foot," writes Andres Allemand. "Drawing their strength from their support in the army and judiciary, they constantly warn of threats to democracy, up to the point where they try to pass as victims of the conservative AKP politicians, who formerly belonged to Islamic groups. If the party is banned, il will be refounded under another name and will win a mind-boggling score in the next elections. The proof: the secularists aren't looking to win hearts, just to impose their law. It used to be via military coups. Today, it's via the courts. Turkey is far from completing it's road to democracy."

La Tribune de Genève - Switzerland | 11/01/2007

The challenge faced by Brussels in energy matters

On Wednesday, January 10th, the European Commission announced its 'Action Plan for Energy Efficiency' in which it expresses its desire for Member States to reduce their glass-house gases by at least 20 % before 2020. "Are these proposals in the least bit likely to be taken into account?" wonders Andrés Allemand. "Pessimists will say that nothing is less certain. The States are reluctant to give up their sovereignty for the benefit of a real common European policy. Indeed, Brussels is complaining that the liberalisation of the energy market has not lead to healthy competition and the lowering of prices, since some States have insisted on maintaining their national champion to the detriment of new-comers (like in France). Anyway, add the sceptics, the measures demanded by the Commission imply necessarily unpopular constraints. But the optimists are noting that conditions have never been more favourable for the adoption of resolute measures."

La Tribune de Genève - Switzerland | 19/06/2006

The UN and human rights

"Have we really taken the full measure of this event?" Andres Allemand asks in an editorial. "Today the inaugural session of the ambitious Human Rights Council opens in Geneva. An outrageous gamble. Because ultimately, even if the member states of a UN body known for being totally unreformable have somehow agreed to bury the utterly discredited Human Rights Commission, they will not have an easy time seeing eye to eye in order to make the new body a more effective tool. It doesn't take a fortune teller to predict that many states will seek to render this Council as impotent as possible. ... Geneva will thus be the theatre of a formidable challenge on a global scale. The Human Rights Council must demonstrate that [the UN] ... is more necessary than ever. ... The mission is not an impossible one. But there is very little room for maneuver."

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