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Allègre, Claude

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Le Figaro - France | 27/01/2010

There is no quintessential Frenchman

The debate on national identity in France is drawing to a close; the government will tie things up at the beginning of February. Former minister of education Claude Allègre and writer and journalist Denis Jeambar reject a purist notion of identity in the daily Le Figaro: "There is no such thing as the quintessential Frenchman. ... The national identity is the totality of values, the fruit of a long history on a single geographical location. Such a definition excludes any reference to ethnicity. The term 'quintessential Frenchman' simply makes no sense. Long ago the biology of the DNA taught us that we are all of mixed race, and that all of us are unique. A nation's unity doesn't come about through uniformity or unification, because diversity is the rule of nature. ... The fact is that values themselves never cease evolving with time and successive migrations. ... Identity never remains rigid. Hence a debate on national identity that seeks to sterilise or isolate would be suicidal. ... History will never stop evolving, and must not be trampled underfoot."

Libération - France | 15/06/2007

Claude Allègre and Denis Jeambar have a European Dream

The former French Minister Claude Allègre and the journalist Denis Jeambar consider that an "Minimal Europe", defended by a mini-treaty, will not manage to revive Europe. They would like to see the construction of a European dream. "Europe should be a compromise that respects diversity around a heritage of shared values. It needs to follow the same alchemy that created nations. ... We have created a single common currency. That's very good! We also have a big interior market. Bravo! But we need more: the conscience of a European identity founded on a project, a vision, an ambition. Pieces of paper will not engender this. Constitutions and treaties will consecrate its existence once it has blossomed out of exchanges, universities and festivals. Europe has to become a dream: the dream of a future after having been a dream of peace that, quite exraordinarily has come true."

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