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Allam, Magdi

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 26/02/2008

Magdi Allam denounces the pitfalls of multiculturalism

The editorialist Magdi Allam considers the recent declarations of Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, who judged "inevitable" the application of Sharia law in the Untied Kingdom. "This reality is the degenerate product of the multicultural ideology. ... These declarations are the proof that an insidious process, the Islamisation of society is already well on its way. ... By leaning on the 'politically correct' and by allowing Muslims to have their own courts, a mixture is installed that can unbalance the country and overthrow constitutional order. The real tragedy is that we are prisoners of our conception of freedom and democracy, to the point that, by relativising everything, we accept mores that are contrary to our own and we submit ourselves to different ideologies and faiths".

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 28/09/2006

Indignation over the cancellation of "Idomeneo" in Berlin

The editorialist Magdi Allam was very shocked by the declarations of Father Thomas Michel, a Jesuit who is a specialist on Islam and the president of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. The council has firmly condemned Benedict XVI's statements, judging that the Christians owe an apology to Muslims. "Father Michel is the emblem of the 'Islamically correct' within the Church. A new life philosophy that urges the West to self-censor its own freedom of expression for fear of reaction from Islamists, as the Berlin opera scandal has shown by choosing to follow the decision, just like Geneva concerning the Voltaire's 'Mahomet' [the play was banned in Geneva in 1993 upon the demand of representatives of the Muslim community] London's censoring of Christopher Marlowe's play 'Tamburlaine the Great'.

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