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Allam, Khaled Fouad

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Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | 10/03/2011

Attacks against Copts show democratic deficit

Eleven people were killed on Tuesday night in clashes between Muslims and Christians in the Cairo suburb of Mokattam. The conflict was sparked by a liaison between a Muslim girl and a Coptic Christian. According to the business paper Il Sole 24 Ore, this is proof of the problems Islamic societies have recognising the rights of individuals: "In its current attempts at democratisation Islam will have no choice but to deal with subjects that are constitutive to democracy, such as the rights of the individual and religious freedom. The countries in revolt won't be able to resolve the question of democracy with voting rights, an electoral system and a changeover of power alone. These are a part of democracy which must be filled with content. It is vital that the rights of the individual are recognised. ... As long as these countries are not prepared to recognise the individual, the boundary to intolerance and violence will be easily overstepped."

La Repubblica - Italy | 04/02/2008

A threat of boycott hangs over the Turin book fair

The international book fair in Turin, to be held May 8th -12th, is due to receive Israeli writers as guests of honour. This choice has triggered a polemic in Italy, where a boycott has been called for. The editorialist and Italian deputy Khaled Fouad Allam, of Algerian origin, deplores this campaign. "The book fair is a laboratory for freedom among men and cultures. It is humanity that will loose out if this freedom is restricted. We should not however overlook the question of the Palestinian drama and the urgency of a Palestinian State capable of living democratically alongside the State of Israel. We Arabs, meanwhile, if we wish to progress, should understand the fundamental significance of forgetting or remembering a martyred population's bloodshed and tears."

La Repubblica - Italy | 18/10/2006

The Islamic veil fuels debate in Italy

The problem of the Islamic veil is today agitating several European countries, including Italy. The president of the Council of Ministers Romano Prodi has adopted a median position declaring that he is not opposed to the wearing of the veil so long as the face is left uncovered. Khaled Fouad Allam, professor of theology at the University of Trieste, gives his opinion on the question. "The bitter polemics on the question of the veil, yesterday in France, today in England and Italy, raises two delicate problems. These are the problem of universalism and that of integration in a culturally heterogeneous context. ... The question of the veil is situated at the intersection of these two questions: Can the veil be both the expression of universalism and an instrument of integration? Concerning the niqab, which totally covers the woman's face, the answer is no. The all over veil is a denial of parity between men and women".

La Repubblica - Italy | 19/09/2006

Khaled Fouad Allam on interreligious dialogue

Following the polemic triggered by Benedict XVI and his comments on Islam, Khaled Fouad Allam, Islam specialist and professor at the University of Trieste, considers that it is urgent for dialogue between religions to be re-established. "Our times are marked by the odd characteristic of frequently resorting to medieval unintelligibility to get a riposte. Muslims, like Christians, evoke texts from distant times, times that are coming back to life at a vertiginous speed. ... Today, Muslims, like Christians and the west, suffer from a real impairment concerning their view of others ... . I still believe that, beyond languages and religions, men are my brothers. It is no doubt a facile utopia, but it is something we need to re-conquer, that we should reclaim for ourselves, in order to repair the divorce between history and memory and be reunited to share bread and salt."

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