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Alix, Christophe

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Libération - France | 29/10/2007

Monopolising the high-tech market

François Lévêque is professor of Law and Economy and has been interviewed by Christophe Alix and Marc Chevallier on a proclivity for monopolies in the high-technology industry. "This is a sector where innovations are amplified by networks: the more widespread a product is, the more consumers are better off adopting it to ensure comfortable usage. In the high-tech market, competition does not aim to corner part of the market, but to control more or less all of it. This is the real motivation of innovation. A company will dominate for a period, like Microsoft in the PC and Apple era during the first stages of digital music, and then another innovation will come and they will progressively loose their influence. The succession of monopolies is a rather common trait in the high-tech industry."

Libération - France | 15/08/2007

The advantages of the financial crisis

In an interview with Christophe Alix, Jacques Attali, president of the NGO PlaNet Finance, analyses the crisis that is currently shaking up the stock market. "The American economy is pushed towards ever-more speculative and risky investments, such as in real-estate. What we have just experienced is a jolt - and certainly not the final collapse - of this casino-economy. ... By injecting money, central banks have so far only maintained the illness, they haven't cured it. Like a junkie in withdrawal, it needs to be given drugs first, in order no to die. But the banks should not be limited to this role of dealer! ... [This crisis] should be taken as an opportunity to understand that the world cannot be governed by finance alone, that western nations should give themselves the means to protect the control centres of their industry and research."

Libération - France | 06/01/2006

Quaero, the European Google project

The daily writes about the future European search engine, Quaero, envisioned as a rival to the American giant, Google. "A giant franco-german white elephant, Quaero is expected to be the first project brought before the brand new Industrial Innovation Agency (AII) in the second half of January, and will allow the various participants to share the 100-million euro costs of financing the project over a five-year period. (...) Far from limiting itself to text - the key element in the lion's share of web searches - Quaero aspires to bring together the best picture, video and sound specialists in order to create a truly multimedia search engine."

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