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Alibhai-Brown, Yasmin

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1.  The Independent - United Kingdom | 28/09/2014

Muslims isolating themselves promotes extremism

The British parliament voted on Friday to participate in the airstrikes against the Islamic State. But much more effective in the fight against the extremists ... » more

2.  The Independent - United Kingdom | 25/01/2010

The burqa is not a civil right

Many British liberals have come out against a ban on burqas of the type being discussed in France, on the grounds that such a move ... » more

3.  The Independent - United Kingdom | 16/06/2008

Anything goes in British politics

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown reports on an astonishing development in British politics. While the Labour Party is propagating authoritarian rule, she comments, the Conservatives are defending civil ... » more

4.  The Independent - United Kingdom | 21/04/2008

London's mayoral candidate Johnson

"Who will make the more disastrous Mayor of London ?" asks Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in anticipation of London's May 1st Mayoral election. "For anyone who knows ... » more

5.  The Independent - United Kingdom | 21/01/2008

Why are the Mayor of London candidates white middle-class men?

The Mayor of London will be elected on May 1st, 2008. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown reflects on the two front-runners, Ken Livingstone (Labour, currently Mayor)and Boris Johnson ... » more

6.  The Independent - United Kingdom | 07/01/2008

Bishop triggers polemic over UK multiculturalism

Columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is dismayed by the views of the Bishop of Rochester, the Reverend Michael Nazir-Ali, Pakistani son of Christian converts, who has said ... » more

7.  The Independent - United Kingdom | 02/07/2007

Terrorist alarm in the UK

"As they wake up to news of the foiled car-bomb attack on Glasgow Airport, I know what millions of my compatriots will be saying ...: ... » more

8.  The Independent - United Kingdom | 24/04/2006

Far-right BNP deserves no sympathy

"Am I alone in feeling no sympathy, none at all, for those drippy losers, the so-called lost souls who are delivering their votes to the ... » more

9.  The Independent - United Kingdom | 16/01/2006

British identity

Columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown offers her reaction to Chancellor Gordon Brown's call to promote patriotism with an annual day dedicated to celebrating British identity - along ... » more


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