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Alexander, Robin

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Die Welt - Germany | 01/09/2015

Hopefully more than just fine words

Merkel is late in taking up refugee policy but her speech on the issue was remarkable, comments the conservative daily Die Welt, at the same time calling for swift improvements: "So now Merkel wants to tackle the problem. With a legislative package that removes the most absurd hurdles preventing faster assistance and with more money. On this point the chancellor will have to quickly get more concrete if she doesn't want the impact of her speech to evaporate. In Europe too, the most powerful politician on the continent must now use her power to achieve a fairer distribution of the refugees, certainly, but also to put an end to the subsidies and protectionist customs that rob African countries of the chance to develop. With almost American-style pragmatism and optimism, Merkel has delivered the promise of a new refugee policy. And indeed the chances of a national effort being successful are not bad at all. With a well-attuned grand coalition that is finally finding its raison d'être. … As well as a booming economy and one of the best administrations in the world."

Die Welt - Germany | 05/12/2012

More powerful than Adenauer and Kohl

Angela Merkel dominates her party, the Christian Democratic Union, more than any other politician before her, the conservative daily Die Welt writes: "When the CDU talks about Europe it says: Angela Merkel. When the CDU talks about the economy it says: Angela Merkel. When the CDU talks about social justice it says: Angela Merkel. The CDU's entire narrative is about Angela Merkel. None of her ministers come up; none of the state premiers, or even the coalition partner really play a role any more. Nor does the content really seem to matter: this is why the Christian Democrats have been so little affected by the blatant changes of programme in recent years. … Sure, this party also revered Adenauer and Kohl. What had always been a patriarchal understanding of politics has now ripened into a matriarchy. … The Chancellor, who is dictating her instructions to half the continent in the crisis, is more powerful than all her predecessors."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 23/03/2006

Dresden sells residences and clears itself of debt

"Dresden has made itself unpopular. Just a week ago the lovely city in Saxony sold all its municipal residences to an American investor, and is now entirely free of debt. A minority in the city council was against the move. Some tenants are now afraid for their homes, but the wave of indignation directed against the city's aldermen since the unprecedented decision was taken is not coming from home. It is Western Germany that is angry, and how", writes Robin Alexander, who looks for an explanation for the outrage. "Perhaps... West Germany is against any small initiative that doesn't fit into Eastern Germany's turbid image, any isolated and courageous attempt to strike out in new directions. Like Leipzig's campaign for the Olympic games, which people in Hamburg considered an impertinence. Or now Dresden's leap from debt, which was rejected in Dortmund, Bremen and Berlin."

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