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Aldiss, Brian

born in 1925 fiction and science fiction writer

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 19/11/2007

SF writing in the age of global warming

Science-fiction novelist Brian Aldiss ponders how the SF genre is evolving in modern times. "For a while after the second world war, a spirit of optimism prevailed in SF magazines. ... All was stimulating and hopeful. But then the future went the other way - a duller, yet more dangerous way. ... Here is today, 2007, with its diseased ideas of drugs, Darfur disputes and suicide bombers. The truth is that we are at last living in an SF scenario. Little wonder the tiger is almost extinct, the polar bear doomed. How do you think the algae feel, in the great wastes of warming ocean? Can you not hear the ecosystems crashing down? Ideal fodder for SF, one might think. However, one might not if one was brought up on Isaac Asimov and AE van Vogt. SF is not designed for realism but for imagination. Our new and creepy scenario is already in the hands of the scientists, if not MGM."

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