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Albreht, Matjaz

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Delo - Slovenia | 16/06/2010

Slovenia's "erased" people score a victory

The Slovenian Constitutional Court ruled on Tuesday that there would be no further referendum on the controversy of the "erased". In 1992 many citizens of former Yugoslavia were taken off the registers of permanent residents because they had failed to apply for Slovenian citizenship by the deadline set by the government. Now the way has been cleared for the status of these people to be regulated. However, the daily Delo thinks the way the issue has been handled to date is undignified: "All the while individuals have simply become mired in legal red tape and political interests. Their personal tragedies were at best the subject of rhetoric behind which there was no real sympathy. One would have expected the government to admit that the state made a mistake 18 years ago that caused major grievance to thousands of people. One would have expected the government to prepare measures that would restore these people's economic and social rights. ... There is still a long way to go before injustice will be made good again."

Delo - Slovenia | 02/11/2007

No solution for the 'erased' on the horizon

When Slovenia achieved independence in 1991, around 18,000 people from other Yugoslav republics were erased from its population register and accordingly lost their right of residence. To this day the problem of the so-called 'erased' has not been solved. The government is avoiding a legal solution and instead wants a constitutional amendment which, however, requires a two-third majority in parliament. As a result there is little chance of a successful solution to the affair. Matjaz Albreht comments: "The assurance that special attention would be paid to human rights, justice and legal security was just an empty promise. The proposed amendment of the [constitutional] law is just a mask behind which the government is trying to conceal this scandal before it assumes the EU presidency."

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