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Albert, Eric

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Le Temps - Switzerland | 06/03/2008

Ian Paisley's mixed legacy

Eric Albert, the daily's UK correspondent, does not believe that "Ian Paisley's resignation from his post as co-First-Minister of Northern Ireland will increase tension between Unionists and Republicans. Paradoxically, the man who was the most radical Unionists' flag-waver has now become the best guarantor of long-term power-sharing. ... A worst case scenario is not however inevitable. For one thing, nobody is really thinking about questioning the power-sharing agreement. Furthermore, Peter Robinson, Northern Ireland's current finance minister, is most likely to become Ian Paisley's successor. The man is reputedly pragmatic, and was long-considered the leader of the DUP's moderate wing. But he will nonetheless have to manage to stand up to the hard-liners in his party.”

Le Temps - Switzerland | 24/09/2007

A successful start for Gordon Brown

"But what has happened to Tony Blair?", inquires the daily. "Omnipresent up until the day of his departure on June 27th, the former British prime minister has practically disappeared from the media. In just three months his successor Gordon Brown, who is due to deliver his speech at the annual Labour Party conference today, has wholeheartedly invested his position at Downing Street. 'His good start has surprised a lot of people', considers Anthony Wells, political analyst for the polling organisation YouGov. Polls are indeed excellent for the British government: for the first time since 2006, Labour is systematically ahead of the Conservative party. ... Though he has yet to announce any radically new policy, Gordon Brown is imposing a new tone, astutely turning his weaknesses around. Reputed to be boring, he says he is a man of substance. Said to be a bad communicator, he says that, on the contrary, he avoids to manipulate the media."

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