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Suárez Alamo, Francisco

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Canarias7 - Spain | 02/01/2007

The Spanish Prime Minister's failure in the Face of terrorism

"José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero's gift for reading the future is risible", writes Franciso-Suarez Alamo, director of the daily, after a bomb exploded in Madrid's airport on Saturday, December 30th. "He only had to declare on Thursday [December 28th] that things been getting better with the ETA [Basque separatist organisation] over the past year for his authority in matters of anti-terrorism to be buried under tons of rubble by the terrorist organisation barely 24 hours later. He only had to put on an optimistic face for an explosion to bring us down from our little cloud to the harsh reality of a country plagued by terrorism. What happened is very serious. Not only because two people probably lost their lives beneath the tons of cement, or because the ETA proved that the cease-fire was not permanent ... . It is very serious because the Head of Government was ridiculed by assassins with whom he had said it was possible to get along".

Canarias7 - Spain | 14/08/2006

Günter Grass was in the Waffen-SS

Francisco Suarez Alamo, director of the Spanish daily, does not expect Grass's declarations to tarnish his image. "Almost everyone will be understanding and some will even go so far as to praise the writer's act. That is what happens when one lives within clearly defined ideologies: one finally forgives everything. Grass will be portrayed as a young Nazi who was a victim of his misunderstanding of the events unfolding around him and hostage to a repressive system. Yet it is obviously due to the passivity of ignorant young people and adults that others got on with the job of filling the concentration camps with dead bodies."

Canarias7 - Spain | 02/08/2006

Cuba can take its cue from Spanish history

The Spanish daily's editor, Francisco Suarez Alamo, looks ahead to the end of the Castro regime in Cuba and asks the island to draw inspiration from Spain's experience in the wake of the Franco dictatorship. "We must hope that Cuba remembers the Motherland at the moment when it passes from a savage dictatorship to an exciting democracy. For starters, it is necessary to put resentments to one side - that of all parties: the pro-Castrists and the furious anti-Communists living in Florida who harbour dreams of returning home to recover what was plundered from them. Above all, the one thing that a nation emerging from a dying tyranny should avoid is proving right the tyranny's assertion that it was a guarantor of order and tranqillity."

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