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Akin, Fatih

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 14/11/2007

Fatih Akin prefers to film Turkey

As Fatih Akin's latest film 'Auf Der Anderen Seite' (On the Other Side) is being released on French and Belgian screens, the Turkish director born in Hamburg explains to Fernand Denis why Turkey is the focus of his films. "The more I film in Turkey, the more Turkish I feel. I think I try to better understand it each time. If you compare the German part of the film to the Turkish part, the latter is far more attractive, because there is more sunshine. In fact I know Germany very well. I grew up there, I live there. And, naturally, Germany cannot stimulate my curiosity as much as Turkey. My view of Germany is banal, while Turkey is an adventure. ...Two years ago I had an idea about Turkey's EU accession. To say yes or no is too simple. Making a film offers the means to reflect on the question, to form an opinion and adopt a position."

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