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Ajavon, François-Xavier

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Le Monde - France | 22/09/2006

François-Xavier Ajavon and gender equality

The French polemist and philosopher Francois-Xavier Ajavon wonders if an over 'heroic' representation of women in the press might not harm sexual equality. "Might our Western societies be moving from the eternal denigration of the female gender to a progressive mystique of the super-powerful and ideal woman? Need the repudiation of so many dark centuries of abominable discrimination regarding women be achieved at the cost of the birth of a new, cumbersome media figure, the 'super-woman', that barely concerns the population? Must the transition from misogyny to philogyny take place to the detriment of women? To know that a woman is now able to pilot an A380 for Air France or become President of the Republic, can hardly be of any interest to the majority of French women who aspire above all to equal pay and respect in the work-place."

Libération - France | 28/02/2006

Dmitry Shostakovich, the militant

Music critic François-Xavier Ajavon pays tribute to the composer Dimitry Shostakovich on the 100th anniversary of his birth. "This giant among composers, by some wonderful irony of history, was born Russian one year after the abortive revolution of 1905 and died Soviet in 1975, without ever having given up on the pressing need to compose a personal body of work, despite the political context. Shostakovich's human and artistic trajectory offers us a lesson in life and demonstrates that the strength of willpower triumphs over everrything, even the unspeakable. ... What other composer would have recovered from the lowliest attacks by that handful of western intellectuals who so clumsily submitted to the dogmas of modernism ...? What other composer would have resisted as well as he did the thousand and one attacks of which he was a victim in his own Soviet homeland - a homeland to which he nonetheless remained forever loyal and whose only thanks was a relentless intellectual war ...?"

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