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Aguilera, Cesáreo

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El País - Spain | 18/01/2008

ETA, the biggest obstacle to self-determination in Basque country

The leftist nationalists in Basque country regularly demand a referendum on their self-determination. For Cesareo Aguilera, Spanish professor of political science, "as long as the separatist organisation ETA continues to exist, a public consultation of this sort is impossible. A referendum would require that the organisation is first dismantled, and that a period of time sufficiently long then passes so that all democratic opinions start to feel comfortable expressing themselves publicly. For the backers of a united Spain, a 'low intensity' ETA is the least worst option, because as long as the armed group stays active, it will be impossible to pursue negotiations on self-determination. It is interesting to note that the leftist nationalist electors don't realise that the persistence of ETA gives the opponents of a referendum their best argument against a democratic debate on the principle of self-determination."

El País - Spain | 01/12/2006

The difference between Eurosceptics and Europhobics

Cesáreo Aguilera, Spanish professor of political science, considers that the media tends to confuse the terms 'Eurosceptic' and 'Europhobic'. He establishes a clear distinction between the two. "Eurosceptics are used to accepting a purely economic and inter-governmental EU and are only opposed, albeit head-on, to the eventuality of a political federation. According to their calculations, the EU is only acceptable in so far as it is a big market which is good for striking deals and receiving funds. Europhobes, on the contrary, are opposed to the EU because of what it is and what it might become if the integration process were to continue. Their logic requires nations to be uninterested in the EU, or, better still, the complete disbandment of the Union".

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