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Aguilar, José

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Europa Sur - Spain | 03/04/2007

Spain lives in fear of terrorist violence

The Spanish courts indicated on Monday April 2nd that the Spanish intellectual Fernando Savater, member of 'Basta ya!'- an association of citizens against terrorism - was under surveillance by a commando of the Basque separatist group (ETA) uncovered by the police. The columnist José Aguilar reacts with horror to this news. "[This commando] was not only following him but also the movements of police, military, politicians and judges. It's easy to guess why: to have them to near to hand or, to speak plainly, near to a rifle butt, in case the government does not accept the conditions imposed for the maintenance of a ceasefire. ... Savater has written that in the Basque country, victims [of terrorism] are only honoured after they have been sacrificed. Prior to that, they had been considered only as irritating people. Savater is not at all irritating, he is a sincere democrat, an esteemed philosopher, lucid pedagogue and a just and courageous man."

Europa Sur - Spain | 26/03/2007

Spain to the rescue of former Polish Brigadists

José Aguilar comments on the 'decommunisation' being applied in Poland by the brothers Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, respectively President and Prime Minister. For him, they have thrown themselves into an "operation destroying the historical memory of their country. The last episode to date is the plan to take pensions away from several dozens of Poles who were part of the International Brigades who fought in Spain to defend republican legitimacy during our civil war. ... [The Kaczynskis] are preparing to carry out a sort of ideological purification that no other former communist country has ever exercised. A real witch-hunt against ... people guilty of having embraced a cause they believed in. ... But it happens that these Poles, being called 'traitors and criminals' by their President, are entitled to Spanish nationality thanks to a decree dated 1996. And this is why the Senate is going to decide, unanimously, to offer refuge and solidarity here."

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