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Agoston, Vilmos

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Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 23/06/2006

Nationalism and the art of minority groups

Budapest's renowned Ernst Museum is exhibiting the art of Hungary's ethnic minorities and of the Hungarian minorities in neighbouring countries. Vilmos Agoston says the exhibition is a "classic example of Hungary's discriminatory way of thinking". He points out that the exhibition also marginalises the Roma who have been living in Hungary for 600 years now as rootless travellers. He calls on politicians to recognise "that for our Roma brothers, Hungary is not only the country of their fathers but also their fatherland... Apparently, it's not the works of art themselves but the ethnic origins of the artists that are the focal point of the exhibition... The exhibition is titled 'Joint Space' yet it ignores both the art of the majorities in neighbouring countries and the art of the minorities in Hungary."

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