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Šafaříková, Kateřina

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 17/03/2009

Criticism of EU Parliament's recommendations for forms of address

The conservative daily Lidové noviny criticises a recommendation by the European Parliament intended to avoid discrimination of women in the way they are addressed. The paper "contains instructions for how to act appropriately in communication with women in the parliamentary buildings to ensure maximum gender equality. Women should never be addressed as 'Fräulein' but as 'Frau'. Parliamentary employees were to refrain from using 'Fräulein', 'Mademoiselle' or 'Señorita' because such forms of address imply that a woman is still single and thus cannot be considered neutral. The paper also recommends that one always act according to context. During a meeting of experts the address 'sehr geehrte Expertinnen und Experten' (lady and gentlemen experts) was preferable to 'sehr geehrte Experten' (gentlemen experts). … British MEPs made no bones about condemning the brochure as proof that the parliament was 'definitely moving into the realm of the absurd' on this issue."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 23/04/2008

European parliamentarians fight against cronyism

Members of the European Parliament yesterday voted by a large majority in favour of a ban against employing relatives as assistants in their offices in a bid to avoid conflicts of interest. The Italians, Spanish and British were not enthusiastic about the move, writes Kateřina Šafaříková. Petr Duchoň, a conservative Czech MEP who employs his wife at his office, also complains in Šafaříková's article: "This is an unfortunate decision. Who counts as a relative? Your wife: well, okay. But what about a distant aunt? And is your mistress also a relative? And who's going to carry out all the checks? ... God knows, the European Parliament has more important matters to deal with."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 17/10/2007

The sausage struggle

"So we have another war raging in the EU and this time it's a pretty greasy one," Kateřina Šafaříková comments, amused by the Czechs' protests against Slovakia and Poland's attempts to have their varieties of "Speckwurst" (bacon sausages) recognised as national specialities. The sausages in question are known as "špekáčky" in the Czech Republic and have long been a favourite dish there. Under pressure from Czech sausage producers, the ministry of agriculture in Prague now plans to lodge an official complaint against the efforts of the Slovaks and Poles in Brussels, in an effort "to protect Czech interests. But do sausages really belong to the category of state interests? State interests are politically defined. They include the stability of the national currency, domestic security and peaceful coexistence with one's neighbours - but sausages?"

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