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La Repubblica - Italy | 05/09/2013

For poet Adonis a military strike against Syria would be utter madness

The Syrian poet Adonis, who has lived in exile in Paris for the past 30 years, harshly condemns the plans for a military attack against Syria in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "The US intervention is a product of the illusion that a 'blitzkrieg' could be carried out with 'limited, surgical, targeted' strikes. In truth this runs the risk of getting out of hand and only escalating the conflict. ... It could unintentionally culminate in a genocide. ... It's imperative to consider the religious dimension of the conflict. The US knows the significance of religious wars today, and it's obvious that it won't act as an unbiased referee in the conflict, but will actively join in. ... But with intervention America would actually be violating human rights in the name of defending them. This is not an attempt to defend the Syrian regime, which (as I never tire of repeating) must change. It's about defending the Syria where the alphabet was born, the Syria of ancient history, the Syrian people and the basic principles of democracy."

La Repubblica - Italy | 06/07/2011

Syrian poet Adonis calls on President Assad to listen

According to human rights activists, on Monday night eleven people were shot and killed in Hama, the bastion of the rebel movement sealed off by Syrian government troops. The Syrian poet Adonis calls on President Bashar al-Assad to listen to his people in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "Democracy presupposes the full separation of religion on the one hand, and politics, social questions and culture on the other. However this is exactly where the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party has failed. The only goal it pursues is to maintain power. A reactionary power, which needs no revolution to topple it as it carries within it the seed of its own destruction. ... Now more than ever Syria needs a new political alphabet. One that is based on a rejection of the unity of the state and the party. ... Only tyrants seek to preserve this unity. Mr President, you are called upon today to put a definitive end to the equation of Syria with the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party. ... Events have shown that it has failed right down the line. Arrogance is senseless. Violence will only be counterproductive. Jails can confine individuals, but not an entire people."

Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 09/03/2006

Can Islam change?

The weekly publishes an exclusive: a conversation between the great Syrian-born Arab poet, Adonis, and his daughter, Ninar Esber. In it, Adonis describes the impasse in which the Arab world finds itself. All of Islam's Arab geniuses, from Abu Nawas to Al-Ma'arri, all the greatest poets and philosophers have been opposed to religion. And no thought has emerged directly from religion, as a scent might emanate from a flower. Thinkers and poets created other flowers, in order to extract from them other scents. ... There have always been currents that demanded laicity and sought progress. In our contemporary history, all intellectuals and parties in every Arab country have insisted on these types of things - but they have lost their fight. Simply put, they have failed. Their ideas have failed."

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