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Adler, Alexandre

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Le Figaro - France | 23/01/2009

Turkey's strategic importance

The daily Le Figaro writes that Turkey has numerous strategic and geographical trumps to play in solving at least three current conflicts: "Tensions have climaxed recently in two areas: in Gaza of course, but also in the hostile confrontation between Russia and Ukraine over the gas crisis. International relations continue to worsen due to Iran's refusal to look seriously for a compromise over its nuclear capacities. The fact is that Turkey could play a decisive role in finding solutions to these problems. ... If the Israel-Palestine conflict stabilises, Syria really does open to the West and elections are held under normal conditions in Iran ... the entire world will breathe a sigh of relief. The price of oil will remain low and stable, and Egypt will feel somewhat comforted."

Le Figaro - France | 19/01/2008

The disappearance of traditional political divides

The columnist Alexandre Adler observes the emergence across the planet of "political formations whose main programmes are linked to territorial problems, issues of geopolitical adherences, and fundamental culture, far more than to the former political criteria of left and right. ... However, like any other historical event, this carries a dark side: the dissolution of old solidarities, as much among social-democrats as among Christian democrats, often for the benefit of more national causes. This reversal immediately represents grave dangers for the EU. ... Like their Flemish cousins, the Germans, Dutch and Scandinavians have all had enough of maintaining budgetary discipline that ensures the strength of the euro while the French and Italians for examples are freeing themselves of this discipline once again, all parties included."

Le Monde - France | 04/10/2006

Defending freedom of expression

The daily has published an appeal in support of Robert Redeker signed by a score of public figures. "A handful of fanatics is currently brandishing so-called religious laws in order to call into question our country's most fundamental freedoms. This threat comes in addition to the mutterings here and there in Europe that provocation should be avoided to spare supposed foreign sensibilities ... Times are once again hard in Europe. This is no time for cowardice. We therefore solemnly appeal to the authorities not only to continue to protect, as they already are doing, Robert Redeker and his family, but, in a strong political gesture, to pledge to meet his material needs as long as he is danger, just as the British authorities did throughout the duration of the Rushdie affair."

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