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Adamovic, Ivan

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Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 29/08/2006

Prague Cubism

A new edition of the much acclaimed exhibition catalogue "Czech Cubism 1909-1925" prompts Ivan Adamovic to enthuse about the special impact of cubism in Prague. "Although the highpoint of cubism was short-lived, nowhere did it have a greater impact than in the Czech Republic. Prague became the home of cubism. Cubist houses were built and furnished with cubist furniture. The inhabitants drank their coffee from cubist cups and arranged their flowers in cubist vases. Cubist clocks told them the time and their rooms were illuminated by cubist lamps which lit books printed in cubist typography."

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 26/01/2006

Google's Self-Censorship in China

Ivan Adamovic is disappointed that the internet search engine Google has bowed to pressure from the Chinese government and is exercising self-censorship on the Chinese market. "Naturally, this doesn't come like a bolt out of the blue. Three years ago, when Google was almost completely blocked out in China, its service was 'improved' by the addition of filters to sift out irksome information." At the time, one of Google's founders adopted the stance that it was better to supply filtered information than none at all. "A company which is obliged to its shareholders can't allow itself the luxury of not thinking in commercial terms. And perhaps there is something to the idea that even the blunted claw of Western information technology is better than the claw of totalitarianism."

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