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Adam, Bernard

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 27/04/2006

Bernard Adam on the peace-loving European model

The Europeans' vision of the world is in keeping with the construction of the entire peace-keeping edifice that they have so patiently built," notes Bernard Adam, director of the Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security (GRIP). "The EU is an instituion which, while certainly complex and as-yet incomplete, has made it possible to eliminate conflicts inside its borders and with its neighbours. The method: cooperation over confrontation, and the creation of a common market favouring economic and trade ties that have extended to the social, cultural and scientific spheres. The result: an extremely dense fabric of intermeshing relations in multiple sectors that makes it possible to develop common interests. ... There is no reason to believe that this form of multilateralism could not work in places other than Europe, since the latter happens to be the continent that saw the most divisions, victims and armed conflicts in the last century."

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