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Ablonczy, Balázs

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Komment - Hungary | 08/03/2010

Jobbik, the party for the frustrated

The right-wing extremist party Jobbik will presumably receive enough votes to enter parliament in the Hungarian elections this April. Jobbik is the party of the disappointed and the querulous, writes historian Balázs Ablonczy in the opinion portal "According to the most recent surveys a segment of Hungarian voters feel driven by the perceived disintegration of the public order and day-to-day existential worries to seek their salvation in an extreme right-wing party based on a strong state and anti-Roma sentiment. ... These voters are disappointed in politics and the political elite, perhaps because they expected too much. They feel sympathy for Jobbik's paramilitary arm the Hungarian Guard because they see it as providing protection. ... Neither the Polish Law and Justice party, the Slovak National Party under Ján Slota nor the Freedom Party of Austria express the type of hatred for the Roma and anti-Semitic Holocaust denial that typifies Jobbik's official and semi-official forums."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 30/11/2006

On Hungary's official response to its diaspora

"Hungarians know very little about their minorities beyond their own borders," claim historian Balázs Ablonczy and constitutional lawyer Botond Bitskey. The topic ends up dominated by catch phrases, romantic associations, and above all by domestic political aspects. The authors propose a new national policy free of ulterior motives: "Clearly, Slovenia's Hungarian minority has completely different needs and problems than does the analogous group in Ukraine. Accordingly, their expectations of Hungary differ, and don't always involve money. More important are gestures of empathy and official goodwill, well thought-through plans, and level-headed policies."

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