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Abescat, Michel

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Télérama - France | 19/12/2007

Jean-Pierre Luminet considers that the night is a space for philosophy

Michel Abescat interviews the astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet on the effect city lights have on the night. "For astronomers it is dramatic. Everything is lit up now, artificially. On a deeper level, we are running a big risk of collectively loosing touch with the universe in which we live. There are city dwellers today who have never seen the Milky Way. Is someone who has never contemplated the sky as it actually is aware that a fundamental dimension of human experience escapes them ? It was probably the gaze of cave man that triggered the first big metaphysical questions. ... If artificial lighting gradually effaces the stellar panorama of the night, a gigantic loss of meaning will occur."

Télérama - France | 10/10/2007

Daniel Pennac considers children become consumers too early

Interviewed by Michel Abescat, the French writer Daniel Pennac expresses his concern as commercial advertising catches up with childhood. "Day after day, children's desires to consume are stimulated in the same fields as adults': clothing, food, transport, electronics, phones... Thus the child acquires a commercial legitimacy and is turned into an indispensable cog in society's market on an equal footing with adults. Children access property without exchange, with their parents' money, or by 'muddling through'. The system doesn't care so long as money is circulating. Thus children who show up at school today are little proprietors, animated by desires they are used to having swiftly satisfied. From now on in our culture the purchase of a desired object has become, for parents, the principal means of showing their affection.

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