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Aaronovitch, David

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1.  The Times - United Kingdom | 13/01/2016

Misogyny not exclusive to Islam

The New Year's Eve assaults on women by migrants were more the result of cultural background than of religious beliefs, the conservative daily The Times ... » more

2.  The Times - United Kingdom | 20/05/2015

Brexit opponents must spawn enthusiasm for EU

The Confederation of British Industry warned on Wednesday of the negative consequences a Brexit would have for the country. Those in favour of the EU ... » more

3.  The Times - United Kingdom | 06/05/2015

Liberal Democrats everyone's girl Friday

If the general election doesn't produce a clear winner it would be best for Britain if the Liberal Democrats became the junior partner in a ... » more

4.  The Times - United Kingdom | 18/08/2013

Brits want to believe Diana was murdered

Scotland Yard announced on Saturday that it is investigating new evidence concerning the death of Princess Diana. According to media reports on Sunday, evidence has ... » more

5.  The Times - United Kingdom | 01/05/2013

David Aaronovitch believes the queen must also be allowed to abdicate

Queen Beatrix relinquished her crown to her son Willem-Alexander on Tuesday. Pope Benedict, too, recently made room for a successor. The British public should allow ... » more

6.  The Times - United Kingdom | 18/01/2012

Lexicon operators react arbitrarily

By closing down its English version Wikipedia has acted arbitrarily and done a disservice to millions of users, writes the conservative daily The Times: "First, ... » more

7.  The Times - United Kingdom | 23/05/2006

The battleground between 'progressives' and 'reactionaries'

Columnist David Aaronovitch suggests traditional 'left' v. 'right' labels no longer suffice to define politicians. What is important, he claims, is knowing whether they are ... » more


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