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Zyumbyulev, Borislav

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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 04/01/2014

Doctors will leave Bulgaria

Bulgaria will have difficulty keeping its doctors and nurses in the country now that the EU labour market has been fully opened for Bulgarians and Romanians, the daily 24 Chasa fears: "In England, France and Germany, doctors receive up to 20 times more pay. In other words: they can earn as much in two years as they can here in 40. Very few doctors and nurses are not thinking about emigrating. For Bulgarians that means that healthcare costs must rise to the levels in Western Europe. And that, in turn, means either higher direct payments or higher health insurance contributions. Otherwise in future Bulgarians will have to travel to England to receive treatment from professionals who speak their language. Provided they have the necessary cash, that is. There is no alternative to raising doctors' fees in Bulgaria. It's becoming clear that this will be the first real consequence of the free movement of workers."

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 25/09/2011

Violence against Roma not ethnically based

Hundreds of Bulgarians burned down the house of a Roma leader in the southern Bulgarian town of Katuniza on Saturday night. Acquaintances of the self-proclaimed king of the Bulgarian Roma, Tsar Kiro, had killed one of the villagers the day before. The violence was not ethnically motivated, but rather a desperate act of protest at the inviolability of rich criminals, the daily 24 Chasa writes: "Rich people in Bulgaria don't go to jail, not even the Roma. The people in Katuniza know that very well. ... For that reason they quickly decided to take justice into their own hands. In doing so they met with massive and support from all sectors of the population. Smaller bands of fascist scum, hooligans and hard rockers then joined in and converted this rebellion against the small dictatorship of 'Tsar Kiro' into a clash between various groups. But the decisive thing is that the people are no longer willing to put up with injustice in the country. ... Because each city has its own Bulgarian 'Tsar Kiro' who can do whatever he pleases because he knows he's got nothing to fear."

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 16/08/2011

Alcohol tourism boosts Bulgarian economy

Bulgaria's tourism associations complain that the country's Black Sea coast is increasingly turning into a pure party environment, and demand measures to curb the booming alcohol tourism packages offered by foreign travel agencies and attract upscale tourists instead. The daily 24 Chasa believes, by contrast, "that alcohol tourism is the best thing that has happened to the Bulgarian economy in the last 30 years. It has ensured and will continue to ensure the survival of many investors and hundreds of thousands of workers for decades to come. ... True, a lot of alcohol is consumed in the discos, but that's not all that happens. People enjoy themselves because they can make friends, dance, see attractive men and women, good weather and naked bodies. ... And the belief that Bulgaria could attract an exclusive strata of jet setters is plain silly. The truly rich prefer truly exclusive locations with an interesting history and atmosphere, exclusive islands surrounded by calm seas, for example, or the Caribbean, Saint Tropez, Cinque Terre and Tuscany."

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