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Zvonar Predan, Darka

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Večer - Slovenia | 19/05/2014

Flood disaster unites ex-Yugoslavia

The catastrophic floods have reunited the states of the west Balkans after years of conflict, the conservative daily Večer writes approvingly: "Fire and swords divided the Balkans but water has reunited it. On the one hand this news is sad, but on the other it's extremely positive - despite the suffering and even though in the face of such a tragedy it's tasteless to speak in the language of politics. It has been a long time since we've seen such solidarity and mutual support among the states of the former Yugoslavia. Furthermore the help from neighbours is arriving in Serbia and Bosnia quickly, without lots of red tape and above all without political reservations. Slovenia too has made a good impression by sending civilian rescue teams and valuable equipment to the affected areas. ... This has earned it not only the approval of the political establishment but also that of the broader public."

Večer - Slovenia | 14/03/2014

Serbia still divided

Serbia will hold early parliamentary elections on Sunday. They were advanced after the EU Commission recommended the initiation of accession negotiations with the country. The conservative daily Večer observes with astonishment that the subject of Kosovo is barely being mentioned in the election campaign: "Apart from a few radicals and right-wing extremists, neither the politicians nor the voters are really touching on the topic of Kosovo. ... But of course that can't conceal the fact that the economically devastated country, which is seeking to position itself between the EU and US on the one side and Russia and China on the other, is still deeply divided. This was particularly in evidence in recent days: one Serbia, together with the bickering left-wing politicians, cried on March 12 because it was the anniversary of Đinđićs killing [Đinđić was Serbian prime minister from 2001 to 2003]. The other Serbia mourned in secret a day before, on the anniversary of Slobodan Milošević's death." 

Večer - Slovenia | 21/01/2014

Supposedly a historic day for Serbia

Serbia begins the talks for its accession to the EU today, Tuesday, in Brussels. The government is quite rightly celebrating this day as a historical success but the people couldn't care less, the conservative daily Večer comments: "If the Serbian government hadn't resolved the Kosovo question, its domestic reforms, no matter how successful, wouldn't have helped - it would never have been able to experience this historic January 21. This day is historic above all for the government; less so for the seven million Serbs who have already had to digest enough historical data in the last decade and have heard all the promises that they would join the EU in 2004, 2007 or 2014. In the cabinet they're no doubt popping open a few bottles of champagne. The Serbs, however, already celebrated the new year in front of the parliamentary building. That was enough for the coming months."

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